Growers Gate was established in 2010 by a collection of like-minded grape growers in South Australia and close to a decade later, these relationships continue to thrive. Our brand celebrates the vital role of growers in wine making. Quality wine starts in the vineyard where vines are nurtured through a deep understanding and respect for the land. Authentic and true, Growers Gate wines are the honest reflection of the growers’ work.








    A story behind every wine...

    L-R: Mick, Mitchell, Jack-28, Brock & Jo Heward


    After battle on the front lines of the First World War, Amos “Jack” Heward returned home, to develop a small soldier settlement in Monash, where Jack and his wife, Margie, raised their two daughters and two sons, their eldest being John “JH” Heward.

    Like his father, JH lived in Monash with his wife, Rene, and they raised four children, Tony, Donald, Bruce and Mick - one of the central characters in our Growers Gate story. JH was a pioneer in the region, highly admired by growers for his attention to detail and skill as a viticulturalist.


    Our story continues from father to son, with JH and Rene forming a partnership with Mick and his wife, Jo. Together they purchased the riverfront estate at Younghusband and endeavoured to transform the old apricot orchard into a modern vineyard.

    Recalling his first day of ownership, where the irrigation pump caught alight, Mick describes the transformation as a “two steps forward, one step backwards” journey. None the less, it is a journey they are proud of and one that celebrates the memory of JH, who sadly passed in 2015.


    Today, Mick runs the property with his two sons, Mitchell and Brock, continuing on his father’s lifework to produce quality fruit across a range of varieties, including Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Their success has been achieved by hard work, local knowledge and assisted by the vineyard’s unique microclimate, providing ideal growing and ripening conditions.


    In addition to land and viticulture, JH was passionate about restoring vehicles from the days gone by. His most beloved possession ‘Jack-28’, a 1928 A-Model Truck, eponymous for his father Amos ‘Jack’ Heward. Mick recalls how ‘Jack-28’ “sat under a cedar berry” for his entire childhood, with his father reiterating his intentions to restore the A-Model Truck.

    True to his word, JH restored ‘Jack’ to its former glory. Now owned by JH’s son, Donald, ‘Jack-28’ made a recent public appearance, when Mitchell borrowed it to chauffeur his date to their school formal. Despite the fleet of smart cars used to take the graduates to their big night, it was ‘Jack’ who stole the show.

    We are proud to have the opportunity to partner Mick, Jo, Mitchell and Brock, as we jointly work together to build the Grower’s Gate range and continue the tradition and hard work started by Jack and JH over a century ago.

    Younghusband Vineyard






    Exhibiting delightfully lifted, fruit aromatics. An elegant wine showing citrus and pear aromas that flow through to the crisp clean palate.


    Fresh vibrant passionfruit aromatics lead to a palate of tropical lychee and pink grapefruit flavours with a crisp clean finish.


    Lifted aromas of citrus fruits, pear and lime. The palate is clean with crisp acidity and a lovely array of floral and fruit flavours, that give both balance and length.


    Peach and citrus aromas are supported by a deft touch of oak that provides structure. The fresh stone fruit flavours flow gracefully through to the clean, elegant palate.

    2019 MOSCATO

    A combination of lifted floral and orange blossom aromas, with a lively palate of rose water, fruit sweetness, good acidity and a touch of spritz.

    2019 ROSÉ

    A combination of cherry and guava aromas with delicate fruit flavours and a hint of talc, produce a wine with natural sweetness and a crisp, dry finish.


    Aromas of fresh lifted mint and blackcurrant combine with ripe, dark berry flavours providing a rich wine with an elegant, silky finish.

    2019 SHIRAZ

    Vibrant dark berry and spice aromas and a palate showing bright blackberry and white pepper flavours combine beautifully to create a rich and complex wine.




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